The Rise of Condom Sales During COVID-19

Sealed Brands has created an environmentally conscious brand aligned with the modern-day consumer. During lockdowns, condom sales fell as more as dating and casual encounters came to a standstill. Bars and clubs limited interaction between couples as well.  As new vaccines are introduced, life is beginning to progress back to its normal state. As lockdowns are lifted as well, people are beginning to get back to their normal dating and sex life. Condom sales increased in the United States by 23% from March to mid-April of this year.

For people that are single, the pandemic created a bad reputation for hooking up for fears of contagion. We are proud to say we are thru the tough times, and Sealed Brands is looking to heighten your sexual experience with a new lubricated and ribbed condom, The Ripple. There are so many opportunities to meet partners whether it is the workplace, clubs, or even out to eat. We are excited for the public to purchase our product and look forward to further growth on the horizon.

Condom sales have been up nearly 10% since the introduction of the first lockdowns being lifted, and we really believe this will be the summer of passion and romance. We believe that Sealed is well positioned to capture a percentage of market share because we truly focus on putting the environment first and profits second. We will donate a percentage of our profits to various oceanic organizations. We have made it through a challenging time period in the United States, and we look forward to smooth sailing ahead.

With Love,
The Team at Sealed Brands